Starting at Law School? This May Help!

Reluctantly admitting, the summer is coming to an end and the fall semester is approaching fast. Pace Law School community is preparing to welcome its Fall 2014 incoming class next week and looks forward to another successful year working with new and returning students. Law School is a new and exciting experience and the Law Library collects materials that help students navigate these new waters. The following is a list of resources available at Pace Law Library providing guidance on analyzing case law, succeeding on a law school exam, academic writing, law review competition, succeeding in the first year, and more.

Check out the following (all available at Pace Law Library): 

As you come closer to the end of the first semester, you will start preparing for final exams. To help you study, the library has an extensive collection of the following materials:

  • Strategies and Tactics by Walton and Emanuel
  • Strategies and Tactics by Finz
  • Questions and Answers Series
  • Examples and Answers Series
  • Hornbooks, Nutshells, and Understanding Series

Additionally, the US News recently published an article titled 7 Tips for Surviving the First Week of Law School by Shawn P. O’Connor (Aug. 18, 2014) and the Pace Law Library has its own Guide to First-Year Law Students

Good Luck, Learn a Lot, and Enjoy Yourselves!

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