Constitute: The World’s Constitutions Online

Constitute was developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project with the help of National Science Foundation (SES 0648288, IIS 1018554), the Cline Center for Democracy, the University of Texas, the University of Chicago, and the Constitution Unit at University College London.

Currently Constitute includes the constitution that was in force in September of 2013 for nearly every independent state in the world. Certain countries whose constitutional order consists of multiple documents, or whose constitutions are in transition, are temporarily omitted. [The creators state that the website will soon include] many of these cases as well as a version of every available constitution ever written since 1789.

Researchers may browse the content by countries. The content is further filtered by country or by date. The text of available Constitutions is available in HTML or PDF for download. Users may also browse the content by topics (listed below). Browsing by topic offers a unique capability of this website – the ability to compare the text of available Constitutions by a narrow issue.

  • Amendment
  • Culture and Identity
  • Elections 
  • Executive
  • Federalism
  • International Law
  • Judiciary
  • Legislature
  • Principles and Symbols
  • Regulation and Oversight
  • Rights and Duties

Lastly, users may search the available content by keywords. Results can be temporarily pinned allowing the chosen content to be batch downloaded.

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