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Did the British Burn All the Books? Remembering the War of 1812 and the First Library of Congress by Nicholas Pengelley.

The Library of Congress was at the time of the British invasion in the summer of 1814 a solid working collection, with an emphasis on law and parliamentary history, but with a smattering of works considered as entertainment. If it still existed, a number of the works on its shelves would be counted as great rarities and doubtless displayed in glass cases. This library perished in the flames of war, but it was created anew the following year – arising phoenix-like from the ashes on the foundation of Thomas Jefferson’s personal library of nearly 7,000 volumes, which he sold to the nation for $23,950.

Company Research – Access Through State Sponsored Portals by George Bergstrom

[The author] has identified and links to 45 states that provide their respective residents with access to company related information, and 4 others that help individual libraries negotiate with the companies that own these resources to then provide access to their communities.

Competitive Intelligence – A Selective Resource Guide – Completely Updated by Sabrina I. Pacifici

[This] comprehensive current awareness guide focuses on leveraging a selected but wide range of reliable, topical, predominantly free websites and resources. The goal is to support an effective research process to search, discover, access, monitor, analyze and review current and historical data, news, reports and profiles on companies, markets, countries, people and issues, from a national and a global perspective.

Clemency Clinics: A Blueprint of Justice by Ken Strutin

[This] article presents a significant collection of expertly selected resources on clemency and other established post-conviction projects. It also includes general resources that can be used in the process of starting up a clemency clinic or a project in a law school, bar association, law firm, university, college or any entity interested in undertaking a role in arena of work.

FOIA Facts: Things Requesters Should Know by Scott A Hodes

FOIA expert Scott A. Hodes shares his professional experience working with FOIA Analysts, and their perspective on how they make the FOIA process smoother in regard to their relationships with requesters.


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