Pace 2015 Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon team wins award for Excellence in Negotiation!

Our Congratulations go to the Pace 2015 Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon team that won the award for Excellence in Negotiation at the Seventh Annual Securities Dispute ResoSDRT 2015lution Triathlon Competition (October 17-18, 2015).  The team competed at St. John’s Law School in Queens, New York. The competition was established by Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This year’s competition problem involved a dispute arising between broker and regional manager over a repayment of a promissory note given as an incentive to join a brokerage firm. Meredith Gabay (3L), Steven Lapkoff (3L), and Michael Liik (2L) represented Pace Law School at the competition. The team represented the Claimant, Trajectory-Level in the competition. They were coached by Pace Law Professor Elissa Germaine.

The first round was negotiation and Pace competed against American Law School. Pace prevailed and received the award for Excellence in Negotiation by beating out twenty three other law schools. The second round was the mediation and Pace competed against Pittsburgh Law School. The final round was arbitration and Pace competed against Brooklyn Law School.

The team and coach were honored to represent Pace Law School in this competition.

Congratulations to Meredith, Steven, and Michael on a great performance!

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