Good News About Employment for Law Grads

A recent press release from the National Association for Law Placement ( states that “the overall employment rate for the Class of 2014 was 86.7% of graduates for whom employment status was known, the first year that the rate has increased since 2007.” The number of graduates who reported that they were working in short-term and/or part-time jobs also declined, and the percentage of graduates who reported “jobs that were full-time, long-term, and bar passage required jumped three full percentage points, to 62%, up from an historic low of just 57% for the Class of 2011.” The national median salary for 2014 graduates was $63,000, a slight increase over the previous year’s rate of $62,467. There are even predictions that there will be more jobs than law graduates by 2017 – let’s dream big!

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Shrinking Number of Law Graduates Boosts Employment Rate for Class of 2014, Deborah Cassens Weiss, ABA Journal, July 30, 2015.

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