Geographic Proximity to Major Legal Markets and Law Firm Partnership

A forthcoming article in Buffalo Law Review examines the relationship between geographic location to major legal markets and law firm partnership:

This study is the first to comprehensively examine the relationship between law school attended and achieving partnership in the 100 largest American law firms. Seeking to address issues related to a previous study by Ted Seto, the extensive empirical analysis included in this paper is a critical and seminal addition to the increasingly visible debate regarding the value of a legal education, law school rankings, and the factors that should be considered by potential law students when choosing a law school to attend. Although this study does not attempt to provide an absolute answer to the question posited in the title, it does provide highly useful, objective information for those students considering law school while also providing information relevant to determining the relative economic value of law schools.

Pace Law School ranks #95. The executive summary of the article, titled Does Law School Still Make Economic Sense?: An Empirical Analysis of “Big” Law Firm Partnership Prospects and the Relationship to Law School Attended and authored by Edward S. Adams and Samuel P. Engel, is available here.

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Delece Smith-Barrow, Consider How a Law School’s Location Can Affect Your Job Prospects, U.S. News & World Report, Apr. 13, 2015.

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