Science Museum is to Host a Year-Long Web-Lab Exhibition by Google

In London, UK, the Science Museum is to host a year-long Web-Lab exhibit by Google. This exhibit can also be access online at, making it the first truly 24/7 exhibit. The exhibit is free and online, and will remain open until summer 2013. Check it out for yourself and share your experience.

Visitors to the Science Museum will be able to play with five demonstrations, while online participants will be able to visit [online] and interact with the same installations.

The five experiments one can launch are:

  1. Universal Orchestra – “make music with people across the world”
  2. Teleporter – “travel instantly to far away places”
  3. Sketchbots – “watch your portrait being processed and drawn by a robot”
  4. Data Tracer – “trace routes across the internet”
  5. Lab Tag Explorer – “explore Web-Lab’s global community and browse visitors’ creations”
Each Web Lab experiment uses a modern web technology to explore a particular idea in computer science, but Google is not explaining the different techniques involved. Instead, it hopes that their effects will inspire children to find out more.
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