Caselaw On Free Movement Of Goods

Via EU Law Blog, the Commission of European Communities has published a collection of case law of the Court of Justice on the free movement of goods. It is a guide to the application of Treaty provisions governing free movement of goods (Articles 28-30 EC). It is in PDF format and does not contain much of commentary.

This guide is intended to provide an insight into past developments and new challenges from a legal practitioner’s point of view in an area that is fundamental to European Integration.

The present version is more detailed. It reflects the working experience of the Commission service responsible for the application of Articles 28-30 EC and provides a picture of the trade barriers that were and still are encountered in practice.

It is intended more as a workbook highlighting questions that have emerged in the course of the practical application of Articles 28-30 EC and providing answers.

The guide reflects the law and case-law as it stood on 1 April 2009. Community legislation and judgments of the Court can be found in Eurlex. Judgments issued since 17 June 1997 are also available on the webpage of the Court of Justice.

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