Legal Workshop – Legal Scholarship in Lay Terms

The Legal Workshop is a website providing an online forum for legal scholarship from the top law journals in the country. If you are looking for a concise summaries of law review articles written in plain English, the Legal Workshop might be exactly what you are looking for. Current law review members are:

  • Cornell Law Review
  • Duke Law Journal
  • Georgetown Law Journal
  • New York University Law Review
  • Northwestern University Law Review
  • Stanford Law Review
  • University of Chicago Law Review


The site aims to bring content from some of the most prestigious law reviews in the nation to a wider audience by offering condensed version of articles translated from scholarly language into plain English, and at no cost.

The New York University Law Review managing editor Matthew Lawrence who helped launch this website said:

Our goal was to provide free legal scholarship in a format accessible to laypersons.

The Legal Workshop website allows you to browse by a topic and/or a journal. You can subscribe to receive all new updates via email and/or by adding a RSS feed to your reader, such as Google Reader, or to your Outlook RSS feeds. You can also subscribe to the user-submitted comments feed.

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