Get Notified About New CALI Lessons

CALI, the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction is an online services that most of you might be familiar with. For those who are not, The CALI mission reads as follows:

it is a services that advances global legal education through computer technology, employs research, collaboration, and leadership to assist a diverse audience in the effective use of this technology in legal education, and promotes access to justice through the use of computer technology.

CALI offers various services among which are CALI lessons. These lessons are divided by what is recommended for First-year law students, and what is recommended for Second- and Third-year law students. Most likely, your law school subscribes and all you need is to contact your librarian to obtain the authorization code, if you already have not done so.

CALI now offers a new service – to be notified every time a new CALI lesson is added to the list. You can receive these updates via email subscription or add RSS feed to your reader, such as Google reader, or to your Outlook RSS Feeds. Stay Informed and let us know what your think!

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