Worker’s Compensation Malpractice

Via Legal Blog Watch and The Madison Record, by Ann Knef, a post titled Jury Awards Monetary Damages in Legal Malpractice Trial, is a story of a worker who has been injured on a job. The worker’s attorney handled his worker’s compensation case improperly causing his client not to receive any compensation for injuries sustained in the accident. As reported, after an hour of deliberation, the Madison County jury decided to award the worker close to $338,000 in a legal malpractice trial against the attorney. Read the full story here. This story is nice for couple of reasons:
  • A good tale to learn from – represent with due diligence, know what you are doing, and keep your clients informed;
  • Justice does exist in the world of law – good to know.
Any thoughts, comments, or experiences to share? – Feel free to do so because we look forward to reading them!

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