Uniform Bar Exam On The Horizon?

Via Career Center at Law.com, a post titled Uniform Bar Exam Inches Closer To Reality, discusses the efforts of number of states to unify the bar exam. As reported, so far a total of 19 states positioned to implement the uniform bar exam (UBE). To unify the bar exam is believed to standardize attorney licensing state-to-state.

Although many states historically have held onto their testing autonomy by developing some of their own exam questions and by using their own pass scores, legal professionals say that a single exam — such as those utilized for physicians, architects and accountants — is an increasing likelihood for lawyers.

As posted, the UBE would consist of three components: the MBE, the Multistate Performance Test, and the Multistate Essay Examination. The test score would include performance on these components but not the state law portion.

Individual states would continue to perform their own grading. The test is expected to ensure same level of competency for lawyers across the board. It should also provide financial relief by not having to create own questions for the test. And as for New Yorkers, Diane Bosse, chairwoman of the New York State Board of Law Examiners, said ” A uniform test is something that New York would consider.”

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