The Art of Cross-Examination

Peter Small has a useful post on titled The Art of Cross-Examination, “it’s a powerful tool that can lead to surprises, but only when used with suitable finesse.” As also mentioned on Law Is Cool, Peter interviewed several lawyers for useful cross-examination tips that even you might find interesting. And just to stick with our latest 10-tip-list, a U.S. Law Professor Irving Younger shares the following list of 10 tips regarding cross-examination:
  1. Be brief.
  2. Use short questions, plain words.
  3. Always ask leading questions.
  4. Don’t ask a question to which you do not know the answer.
  5. Listen to the witness’s answers.
  6. Don’t quarrel with the witness.
  7. Don’t allow the witness to repeat his or her direct testimony.
  8. Don’t permit the witness to explain his or her answers.
  9. Don’t ask the “one question too many.”
  10. Save the ultimate point of your cross for summation.

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