The Things You Won’t Learn in Law School?

Law is Cool is out with yet another list of 10 tips. Omar Ha-Redeye shares his perspective on learning in law school and points to a post on public defender blog titled: 10 things I didn’t learn in law school. Omar shares his professor’s advice to learn “through osmosis” and shares the ten things law school didn’t teach him. Check it out yourself at either of the links. Here are just few to mention:
  • That you will forever be haunted by names of cases, but not remember a damn thing about the case itself. Who here can tell me about Helicopters or International Shoe or Pennoyer or Dudley and Stephens? (Okay, that last one is really cool – it’s about cannibalism). Wasn’t there a Vana White case?
  • How to pick a jury.
  • There is no box. Law school professors keep telling you to think outside the box. What they don’t tell you is that ‘there is no box’.
  • That law review leads to document review. If you want to do real work, take a clinic or something.

And there are more. Would you like to add to the list? Feel free to share your experiences.

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