Wireless Internet in Classrooms or Not?!

Law is Cool blogged about the use (or non-use) of wireless Internet in classrooms, here. What do you think? Is it OK? Should it be OK? Is it not OK? Should it be up to you to make the decision? Can the school, or professor, or department make the decision for you? Should you be able to surf the Internet during law school lectures? Should you be able to shop for wedding dress, visit the gossip sites, catch up on the news, or take care of your personal e-mail during class? Should you not be able to do that? Is is possible it might be distracting to the professor? Can it be distracting to fellow students? Could it possibly be even distracting to you?

Chicago Law cuts classroom WiFi and Prof. Simon Fodden blogs about it, here. Inside Higher Ed also has a story (Hey, You! Pay Attention?) about the Internet-In-Classroom situation, which was also blogged about on Above the Law in an entry titled Update: Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids (and Their Internet) Alone!

We would like to read your input, so please share your opinion on the issue right here!

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