New Online Resource: Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law

The Pace Law Library is thrilled to announce that students and faculty now have access to the Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law Online. This set, when complete, will contain 12 volumes covering some of the most important environmental topics of today. Each volume includes chapters written by international experts in the field, including Professors Jeffrey G. Miller and Karl S. Coplan. The library has collected many of the volumes of this set in print, and is excited to be able to offer all of the volumes printed so far, as well as the future volumes online. The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law allows an unlimited number of simultaneous users and is DRM free, so unlike a print book, all of our users can access it at the same time. Professors will be able to link to chapters in the online version for their classes or download chapters to assign to their students. The online version also allows for searching and direct linking to external references.

The set currently contains 7 volumes:

I: Climate Change Law

II: Decision Making in Environmental Law

III: Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law

IV: Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Law

V: Multilateral Environmental Treaties

VI: Principles of Environmental Law

VII: Human Rights and the Environment

The online version includes free flowing text as well as the ability to view the books as they were actually published, which makes the set perfect for Bluebook citation purposes.

Users can get to the resource through the A-Z databases page link.

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