Lexis Nexis Introduces Legislative Outlook

On or about March 2, 2016 LexisNexis introduced a new tool called Legislative Outlook. According to Robert Ambrogi‘s Law Sites Blog “…two themes drove the development of Legislative Outlook:

  1. The use of data visualization to present information about a bill visually, so that a researcher can quickly glean where a bill is in the legislative process.
  2. The use predictive analytics to forecast how likely it is that a bill will move to the next stage of the legislative process….”

Further, according to LexisNexis the aforementioned is achieved via “…the Legislative Outlook forecasting and visuals display:

  1. The Legislative Outlook Gauge, which provides a high-level indicator of the probability that a bill will pass at the next stage;
  2. A Progress Bar timeline that gives you a visual representation of the status of a bill…”


Figure 1 – Indicating where the bill is in the process
Figure 2 – Forecasting the future of the bill

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