Faculty Articles in the Pace Digital Commons Reach a Milestone

dcThe most recent article, by John R. Nolon and Jessica A. Bacher, is the 1000th paper added to the Faculty Publications collection in the Pace Digital Commons. Their article, Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing: A Role for Local Zoning?, is scheduled to be published in the fall in Zoning and Planning Law Report.

The Pace Law School collections comprise 70% of Pace University’s Digital Commons, and account for 74% of the article downloads. The Digital Commons is hosted by bepress, and the papers therein are included in the open-access repositories Law Commons and the Law Review Commons.

The Faculty Publications collection was the first to go up in 2006. It includes law review and journal articles authored by Pace Law full-time and part-time faculty. As of July 8, there are 1,000 articles that have been downloaded over 790,000 times. It includes important scholarly work by our distinguished faculty, including Jay Carlisle, Bridget Crawford, Bennett Gershman, and John Nolon.

Our law reviews comprise a large part of the Law School collections. We began to build the law review collections in 2010, and currently they hold over 2,000 papers, with over 1 million downloads.

We have two additional collections:

Dissertations and Theses include papers authored by our LL.M. and SJD students as a requirement of their degrees. Student Publications includes papers submitted by Pace Law students, including notes and comments written for our law reviews.

Our Digital Commons collections are all open access, and included in Google Scholar. We are planning a new collection of New York historical documents, and hope to have it available sometime in 2015.

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