Ignore Law School Etiquette at Your Own Career Peril

An article in the November issue of Student Lawyer discusses the importance of understanding the culture of your law school and conducting yourself within its set of social norms and rules.

In law school, you’re creating relationships with faculty, administrators, and fellow students that will shape, perhaps even make or break, your career. Building these relationships is good practice for your future interactions with law office supervisors, colleagues, clients, and subordinates.

It offers these basic tips:

  • No one likes a gunner.
  • Understand your school’s norms.
  • Give freely, take little.
  • Follow classroom behavior basics.
  • Don’t let your technology interrupt class.
  • Address professors and administrators professionally.
  • Understand the difference between smart and heavy-handed self-promotion.
  • Discuss jobs, law review, or grades only with your close friends.

Good advice, and important to practice from law school orientation to graduation and beyond.

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