Attention to Parentheticals

To follow up on our 2012 post Thoughtful Use of Parentheticals, here is more. Raymond Ward, writer of the (new) legal writer blog in his recent post For Lovers of Parentheticals, Two Articles, brings attention to the persuasive power of parentheticals when used effectively. He mentions two scholarly articles detailing the  use of explanatory parentheses in legal writing:

  • Michael D. MurrayThe Promise of Parentheticals: An Empirical Study of the Use of Parentheticals in Federal Appellate Briefs (September 24, 2013). Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD, Vol. 10, 2013. Available at SSRN: Prof. Murray analyzes how parentheticals are actually used in briefs to extract the techniques used by the brief-writers.
  • Eric VoigtExplanatory Parentheticals Can Pack a Persuasive Punch (October 14, 2013). McGeorge Law Review, Vol. 45, 2013, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: Prof. Voigt illustrates how parentheticals can be used and gives seven guidelines for writing good parentheticals.

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