The ICC Legal Tools Database Has a New Addition: The UN War Crimes Commission’s Archive

According to the July 4, 2013 press release by the ICC,

The ICC Legal Tools Database has made available virtually all of the unrestricted records of the United Nations War Crimes Commission (UNWCC), including its Far Eastern and Pacific Sub-Commission, and its three committees.

The UNWCC documents shed light on the historical origins of international criminal law. The Commission operated from 1943 to 1948 and played an important role in preparing the ground for war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Tokyo, and other locations following World War II.

This new addition to the Legal Tools Database consists of more than 2,240 UNWCC documents, totaling 22,184 pages, with search data for each document. It includes the following:

  • Inventory of UN archives Predecessor Archives Group UNWCC, 1943-1949
  • Commission, Committees, research Office and Far Eastern and Pacific Sub-Commission (PAG-3/1)
  • Member Governments, Other National Authorities and Military Tribunals
    • Results of Various National Trials of War Criminals
    • Synopses of Trial Reports Received from National Authorities
    • Australian Trials
    • Canadian Trials
    • Chinese War Crimes Military Tribunal of the Ministry of National Defence (Trial of Takashi Sakai, 27 August 1946)
    • Czechoslovak Trial Reports
    • French Trials
    • Greek Special Court Martial for War Criminals (Trial of Friedrich Wilhelm Mueller and Bruno Oswald Braeuer)
    • Netherlands Trial Reports
    • Norwegian Trial Reports (Trial and Law Report Series Nos. 30-49)

The ICC Legal Tools Database can be browsed or searched and documents are available in downloadable PDFs.

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