New Library Acquisitions — Week of April 21, 2013


Is this cell a human being? : exploring the status of embryos, stem cells and human-animal hybrids / Antoine Suarez, Joachim Huarte, editors


Debating euthanasia / Emily Jackson and John Keown


Food, economics, and health / Alok Bhargava

Human Rights

The human right to equal access to health care / Maite San Giorgi


Patenting medical and genetic diagnostic methods / E.D. Ventose

Public Health

Tales of shit : community-led total sanitation in Africa / [guest editors: Petra Bongartz … [et al.]]

Research Ethics

Planning ethically responsible research / Joan E. Sieber, Martin B. Tolich

Traditional Medicine

Patents as protection of traditional medical knowledge? : a law and economics analysis / Petra Ebermann

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