New Library Acquisitions — Week of Feb. 4, 2013

Disability and aging discrimination : perspectives in law and psychology / Richard L. Wiener, Steven L. Willborn, editors

Chapters include:

Finding the assumptions in the law : social analytic jurisprudence, disability, and aging workers by Richard L. Wiener and Stacie Nichols Keller — Ageism : the strange case of prejudice against the older you / Todd D. Nelson — Disability and aging : historical and contemporary views / Peter Blanck — The aging workforce and paid time off / Gillian Lester — Baby boomers at work : growing older and working more / Eve M. Brank — The relationship between disability discrimination and age discrimination in workers’ compensation / John F. Burton, Jr. — The stigma of disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act / Michael Selmi — Age and disability within the scope of American discrimination law / Stewart J. Schwab and Garth Glissman — Implicit attitudes and discrimination against people with physical disabilities / John F. Dovidio, Lisa Pagotto, and Michelle R. Hebl — Cross-cultural perspectives on stigma / Cynthia Willis Esqueda — Disability and procedural fairness in the workplace / Larry Heuer — Procedural justice and the structure of the age and disability laws / Steven L. Willborn — A social psychological perspective of disability prejudice / Sarah J. Gervais

Papers originally presented at a conference sponsored by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Law and Psychology Program.

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