Recent Law Review Articles — December


Harbach, Meredith Johnson. How (not) to talk about abortion. 47 U. Rich. L. Rev. 425-440 (2012).


Dunn, Catherine K. Student article. Protecting the silent third party: the need for legislative reform with respect to informed consent and research on human biological materials. 6 Charleston L. Rev. 635-684 (2012).

Book Reviews

Dutkiewicz, Adam. Book note. (Reviewing the Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, 3d ed., edited by Fed. Judicial Ctr. & Nat’l Research Council of the Nat’l Acads.)  28 T.M. Cooley L. Rev. 343-352 (2011).

Comparative Law

Russoniello, Kellen.  Note. The devil (and drugs) in the details: Portugal’s focus on public health as a model for decriminalization of drugs in Mexico.  7 Yale J. Health Pol’y L. & Ethics 371-431 (2012).

Weinstein, Brynn.  Comment. Reproductive choice in the hands of the state: the right to abortion under the European Convention on Human Rights in light of A,B & C v. Ireland.  27 Am. U. Int’l L. Rev. 391-437 (2012).

Yu, Wenxuan and Canfa Wang.  Agro-GMO biosafety legislation in China: current situation, challenges, and solutions.  13 Vt. J. Envtl. L. 865-883 (2012).

Constitutional Law

Stallings, Destyn D.  Comment. A tough pill to swallow: whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act obligates Catholic organizations to cover their employees’ prescription contraceptives.  48 Tulsa L. Rev. 117-141 (2012).

Whelan, Edward.  The HHS contraception mandate vs. the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  87 Notre Dame L. Rev. 2179-2190 (2012).

Wilson, Robin Fretwell.  The calculus of accommodation: contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, and other clashes between religion and the state.  53 B.C. L. Rev. 1417-1513 (2012).

Controlled Substances

Jones, Marcon.  Note. Protecting Dr. Smith while treating the chronic pain of Mrs. Jones: why the Indiana Medical Licensing Board should pass guidelines for using controlled substances for pain treatment.  9 Ind. Health L. Rev. 695-730 (2012).

Criminal Law

Klein, Dora W.  The mentally disordered criminal defendant at the Supreme Court: a decade in review.  91 Or. L. Rev. 207-245 (2012).

Usman, Jeffrey.  Capital punishment, cultural competency, and litigating intellectual disability.  42 U. Mem. L. Rev. 855-905 (2012).


Symposium on Special Needs and Disability in Family Law. Editor’s note by Linda D. Elrod; articles by Margaret “Pegi” Price, Micah H. Huff, Martha C. Brown, Kathryn A. LaFortune, Wendy Dunne DiChristina, Ruthann P. Lacey, Heather D. Nadler and Margaret F. Brinig.  46 Fam. L.Q. 177-311 (2012).


Young, Daniel.  Note. Curing what ails us: how the lessons of behavioral economics can improve health care markets.  30 Yale L. & Pol’y Rev. 461-501 (2012).


Sanford, Sallie Thieme.  Teaching health law in rural Ethiopia: using a PEPFAR Partnership Framework and India’s Shanbaug decision to shape a course.  9 Ind. Health L. Rev. 485-501 (2012).

AALS Symposium Articles: Teaching Health Law Outside the Classroom. Introduction by Jennifer S. Bard; articles by Wendy E. Parmet, Charity Scott, Marshall B. Kapp, JoNel Newman, Sallie Thieme Sanford, Michele Mekel, Emily A. Benfer, Christine Nero Coughlin, Dea C. Lott, Kathleen G. Noonan, Sarah Davis, Peter J. Hammer and Charla M. Burill.  9 Ind. Health L. Rev. 389-660 (2012).


Davidson, Dr. Terence M. and Christopher P. Guzelian.  Evidence-based medicine (EBM): the (only) means for distinguishing knowledge of medical causation from expert opinion in the courtroom.  47 Tort Trial & Ins. Prac. L.J. 741-779 (2012).

Meixner, John B.  Comment. Liar, liar, jury’s the trier? The future of neuroscience-based credibility assessment in court.  106 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1451-1488 (2012).


Gunneson, Christian M.  Note. Why fast food bans are the wrong solution to address America’s obesity problem and what should be done instead.  15 Quinnipiac Health L.J. 209-241 (2011-2012).

Genetic Modification

Yu, Wenxuan and Canfa Wang.  Agro-GMO biosafety legislation in China: current situation, challenges, and solutions.  13 Vt. J. Envtl. L. 865-883 (2012).


Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act.  46 Fam. L.Q. 297-311 (2012).

Health Policy

Tirosh, Yofi.  The right to be fat.  7 Yale J. Health Pol’y L. & Ethics 264-335 (2012).

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Lukasik, Lisa.  Asperger’s Syndrome and eligibility under the IDEA: eliminating the emerging “failure first” requirement to prevent a good IDEA from going bad.  19 Va. J. Soc. Pol’y & L. 252-318 (2011).


Dixon, Valerie.  Note. The new use of the doctrine of unconscionability to invalidate arbitration agreements in consumer contracts.  (Manfredi v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 340 S.W.3d 126, 2011.)  2012 J. Disp. Resol. 317-333.

International Law

Hammer, Peter J. and Charla M. Burill.  Global health initiatives and health system development: the historic quest for positive synergies.  9 Ind. Health L. Rev. 567-660 (2012).

Mental Illness

Cook, Katherine B.  Note. Revising assisted outpatient treatment statutes in Indiana: providing mental health treatment for those in need.  9 Ind. Health L. Rev. 661-693 (2012).


Brinig, Margaret F.  Explaining abuse of the disabled child.  46 Fam. L.Q. 269-296 (2012).

Garrahan, Shauneen M. and Andrew W. Eichner.  Note. Tipping the scale: a place for childhood obesity in the evolving legal framework of child abuse and neglect.  7 Yale J. Health Pol’y L. & Ethics 336-370 (2012).

Patent Law

Kotze, Ann.  Comment. Reining in patent term extensions for related pharmaceutical products post-Photocure and Ortho-McNeil.  106 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1419-1450 (2012).

Lakdawalla, Darius and Tomas Philipson.  Does intellectual property restrict output? An analysis of pharmaceutical markets.  55 J.L. & Econ. 151-187 (2012).

Schuster, Martina I.  The Court of Justice of the European Union’s ruling on the patentability of human embryonic stem-cell-related inventions.  43 IIC: Int’l Rev. Intell. Prop. & Competition L. 626-640 (2012).

Pharmaceutical Industry

Hethcoat, Gayland O. II.  Regulating pharmaceutical marketing after Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc..  15 Quinnipiac Health L.J. 187-208 (2011-2012).


Piquero, Alex R., et al.  Childhood risk, offending trajectories, and psychopathy at age 48 years in the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development.  18 Psychol. Pub. Pol’y & L. 577-598 (2012).


To Laposata, Elizabeth, Richard Barnes and Stanton Glantz.  Tobacco industry influence on the American Law Institute’s Restatements of Torts and implications for its conflict of interest policies.  98 Iowa L. Rev. 1-68 (2012).bacco


Krouse, Alex.  Note. iPads, iPhones, Androids, and smartphones: FDA regulation of mobile applications as medical devices.  9 Ind. Health L. Rev. 731-764 (2012).


Lee, Stacey B.  PLIVA v. Mensing: generic consumers’ unfortunate hand.  7 Yale J. Health Pol’y L. & Ethics 209-263 (2012).

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