Spotlight: National Academies Press Reports

As students begin their final drafts of papers and law review notes, many of them may benefit from the scholarly works available on the National Academies Press site.

The National Academies Press (NAP) was created by the National Academies  to  publish the reports issued by the National Academy  of Sciences, the National Academy of  Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and  the National Research Council, all  operating under a charter granted by the Congress of the United States. The NAP publishes more than 200 books a year on a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and health, capturing the most authoritative views on important issues in science and health policy. The institutions represented by the NAP are unique in that they attract the nation’s leading experts in every field to serve on their award-wining panels and committees. The nation turns to the work of NAP for definitive information on everything from space science to animal nutrition.

The division produces 60-70 reports per year. These reports are unique,  authoritative expert evaluations. Each report is produced by a committee  of experts selected by the Academy to address a particular statement of  task and is subject to a rigorous, independent peer review. The experts  who volunteer their time participating on study committees are vetted  to make sure that the committee has the range of expertise needed to  address the task, that they have a balance of perspectives, and to  identify and eliminate members with conflicts of interest. All reports  undergo a rigorous, independent peer review to assure that the statement  of task has been addressed, that conclusions are adequately supported,  and that all important issues raised by the reviewers are addressed.  Thus, while the reports represent views of the committee, they also are  endorsed by the Academy.

Basic and advanced search options are available.  Moreover, reports are also available for the following topics:

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