Bats in the Belfry? Gerber Glass Gets Some Nocturnal Vistors

For the second time in a week, the Gerber Glass Law Center has been visited by some unlikely nocturnal “students” — bats.  Nicknamed Batman and Robin, the first bat was found Friday night by Security roosting in the Gerber Glass third floor study area just outside the computer lab.  The second, however, was found today in the early afternoon by members of the Law Library’s technical services staff — in of all places, the second floor women’s bathroom.  In both instances, Security was able to seal off the areas affected allowing local animal control officers to safely remove the visitors.  When asked about the bats, Marie Newman, the Director of the Pace Law Library, remarked that “We’ve had birds, and even bunnies visit the library… but unlike researching the U.S. Code, bats are a bit beyond our level of expertise…”  After a thorough inspection of the structure, Buildings and Grounds reported finding an opening in the vent above the handicapped stall in the second floor ladies room.  This opening will be sealed immediately to prevent bats from entering the building in the future.

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