Access to Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law (BLaw) offers free access to law students. To obtain an account, just click the request a trial link on the bottom left of the screen and fill out the form. N.B. you must use your email address. Bloomberg will email you a password you can use while you are a law student and for six months after graduation.

BLaw permits full access all summer long, and, for our May 2012 graduates, you keep your account with full access through December 2012. That’s six months of free access to BLaw, which generally charges a flat-rate $300-$450 per month. Bloomberg has no restrictions on the use of BLaw, meaning that your use is not limited to academic purposes.

BLaw includes primary sources of law, a citator, full access to secondary sources, including BNA content, and federal and state court dockets. There’s no need to pay for PACER access now when you can find the dockets free on BLaw.

Information about BLaw is available here, and they provide 24/7 customer support at 1-888-560-BLAW (2529).

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