New CALI Feature

CALI has introduced a new feature that allows you to save and resume a lesson at a later date.  The details from CALI:

  • When a student leaves a lesson, the student can now return to the spot they left off with the scoring details saved.
  • It’s automatic.
  • It doesn’t matter if the student left the lesson by closing the browser,  shutting down the computer, or losing internet connectivity. The only time resume is not available is when the student opts to “finalize” the lesson.
  • While resume is automatic, we’ve added an “Exit & Resume Later” link. It offers a clear way for students to exit a  lesson knowing they’ve saved their progress.
  • To resume an open lesson, login to and, in the right hand menu, click “My Lesson Runs.”
  • In the listed “current lesson runs,” you’ll find the resume link  in the right column. Only lessons run after Jan. 1, 2012 have this option.
  • When they reach the end of a lesson, students will now  be given the option to complete and finalize the lesson. Once finalized, they cannot resume that lesson. They can, of course, run the same lesson again starting with a score of zero.
  • There’s a “Complete the Lesson” link in the table of contents if the student would like to finalize the score prior to arriving on the final screen naturally.

Click here for a more detailed FAQ.

The CALI authorization code for Pace is available through the Law Library on TWEN site.  You must add this to your list of TWEN courses in order to access it.

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