Chief Justice Earl Warren and His Unique Relationship with Pace Law Library

Pace Law Library owns a copy of a pencil sketch of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren.  Marie Newman, our director, was surprised to see the original 1955 drawing, by Miriam Troop, when she visited the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery several years ago.  Reference librarian Margaret Moreland wrote a wonderful tribute to Chief Justice Warren as part of our celebration of the 120th anniversary of his birth.

One Halloween several years ago, someone commented that this pencil sketch made Chief Justice Warren look like the grim reaper.  So that Halloween we gave him a scythe, and since then the official Pace Law Library Earl Warren Decorating Committee (currently consisting of Lucie Olejnikova and Alyson Carney, with occasional input from Cynthia Pittson and other Library staff members) has decorated him for each season.  Chief Justice Warren has been dressed in various guises—scuba diver, farmer, Santa Claus, Cupid, skier, and now this summer he has gone fishing.

Unfortunately, there is no photograph of his first very simple Halloween outfit, but photographs of many of his other outfits are included below. Look for future blog postings devoted to his ever-changing seasonal wardrobe.


















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