Airport Library in Amsterdam

What a clever idea!  The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, also known as the Airport City, now offers an Airport Library for travelers to enjoy.  The first one in the world!

Airport Library is aimed at passengers on intercontinental flights. These passengers often have long waiting times for their (connecting) flight. The library offers these travellers an exciting and inspiring way to spend their waiting time and build up energy for the remainder of their journey. Dutch culture is simultaneously presented in an attractive manner. For the Dutch public libraries, Airport Library is the first permanent airport library in the world, offers a unique opportunity to present themselves, both nationally and internationally.

Airport Library is essentially a sitting area with added value. The focus of the multimedia collection is primarily on Dutch culture. It offers the millions of transfer passengers, who are only in the Netherlands to change flights, a chance to get an impression of the culture of our country.

The library offers translated Dutch fiction in nearly thirty languages, books that are annually chosen as the Best Designed Dutch Books, photo books, photo shows and videos reflecting Dutch culture, and Dutch music. The library features 24 seats (9 of them with iPads), about 1200 books, one large screen with changing photo show, TankU download station, play area for children, it is un-staffed and open 24/7.  Visitors can access music, art, and download films which they can watch on their own devices or one of the 9 available iPads.

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