Thinking About Becoming a Judge?

The American Constitution Society (ACS) for Law and Policy has put effort in making the process of becoming a federal judge more transparent.  As mentioned on the ACS’ website, ACS hosts panels and conference calls with judges who are willing to give advice on how to become a judge, it provides opportunities for law students and lawyers to develop mentee relationships, and most recently the ACS compiled an online guide to becoming a federal judge titled The Path to the Federal Bench.

This pamphlet is intended to serve as a guide for law students and lawyers early in their careers who are interested in pursuing an Article III federal judgeship in the future (Article III being the section of the Constitution concerned with federal judges nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and appointed for life). By providing basic information about how to assess one’s candidacy, as well as what to expect during the nomination and confirmation phases of the judicial selection process, we hope to illuminate what is often a somewhat obscure process and help the reader plan ahead. We also point to sources where further information can be obtained. The end goal is to facilitate the rise of a diverse group of talented lawyers to the federal bench.
For more information on how to become a state judge, visit the American Judicature Society’s Judicial Selection website

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