NY Public Health Legal Manual

This manual, from the NY Unified Court System and the NYSBA in collaboration with the NY Dept. of Health and NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene,  is written to assist lawyers, judges, and public health officials in handling public health disasters and emergencies. From the introduction by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman: 

The major actors in any public health crisis must understand the governing laws ahead of time, and must know what their respective legal roles and responsibilities are. What is the scope of the government’s emergency and police powers? When may these be invoked, and by which officials? What are the rights of people who may be quarantined or isolated by government and public health officials? These questions must be researched and answered now—not in the midst of an emergency—so that the responsible authorities have a readymade resource to help them make quick, effective decisions that protect the public interest.

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