One of the recent additions to the Law Library’s print collection is the fourth edition of Rulemaking: How Government Agencies Write Law and Make Policy by Cornelius M. Kerwin and Scott R. Furlong.   The goal of this edition of Rulemaking is described in the preface:

In the pages that follow, we will comment on various pieces of empirical evidence that are available to measure the frequency, complexity, and impact of rules. They paint a complex picture of a function that waxes and wanes over time.  However, it is plain that without an understanding of rulemaking our grasp of the dynamics of both American policymaking and politics is woefully incomplete.  This book is our contribution to a complete education.

The authors provide a comprehensive view of rulemaking, including chapters on the process of rulemaking, the management of rulemaking and participation in the rulemaking process.  The book was published in 2011, and includes references to rulemaking under President Obama’s administration.

The Law Library has two online guides to researching administrative law that can help you get started on your research. For a quick list of links to federal and New York administrative law resources, try the Regulations tab on the Guide to Free and Low Cost Resources for Legal Research.  For more depth on the topic, Federal Administrative Decisions and Resources is an online research guide to federal administrative agencies, including links to decisions and regulations, along with the mission statement of each agency, compiled by Cynthia Pittson, and updated by Christina Swatzell.

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