Impact of Social Media on Jurors

Recently added to the collection is a column by Ken Strutin, Juror Behavior in the Information Age.  We all have heard of jurors not being able to disconnect from their digital worlds while serving as jurors.  We blogged about this issue once before, Twitter by an iPhone While on Jury Leads to Mistrial.

Ken Strutin writes,

[t]his new form of communication and information sharing becomes especially important as jurors try to stay connected to work and home while performing their civic duty. Even the courts have begun to expedite the jury selection process through web-based applications. But the main concern for the legal system is the power of individual jurors to virtualize a trial by going online.

The column features a helpful list of variety of resources, including news, professional journal articles, law review articles, secondary sources as well as current development resources, that address this issue.

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