Completely Legal

Yesterday was primary day here in New York, and I hope that everyone who voted in the primary had a good experience with the new voting system. I got so much ink on my hands from the pen that they gave me to fill in the circles on the paper ballot, that it made a smudge on the ballot. Fortunately, it was not enough of a smudge to be mistaken for an errant vote, and I escaped the polling place in under 10 minutes, having done my civic duty successfully.
I bring this up because, in my quest to find out who prevailed in the local primaries, I remembered that, the online version of our local newspaper, The Journal News, has a legal blog. Completely Legal: Go Behind the Bench to Examine the Courts and Cases in the Lower Hudson Valley is where I learned who will be running in the Westchester County and Family Court judicial elections which will be taking place in November. Completely Legal is written by Journal News reporters, and is a good place to go for updates on some of the notable cases taking place in the Lower Hudson Valley. You can subscribe to Completely Legal via RSS feed or email updates.

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