New and Updated Legal Research Guides from the Library

Legal Research is an important skill that is acquired in law school and perfected over time.  At times, we all are required to do a research in an unfamiliar area.  To get you started and educated on an unfamiliar subject, it is helpful to consult a research guide. The Pace Law Library compiles research guides on various topics and the following are those that have been recently added or updated. Click here to view all 35 research guides compiled by Pace Law Library.

Elder Law Resources
A guide to online resources, including federal and state law, specific issues, journals and newsletter, and more.

Business and Corporate Law Research
Research in the law of corporations and other business entities involved learning not just about corporate law, but also the law of agency, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other business structures.

Legal News
this guide contains a wide variety of RSS feeds from legal blogs and news sites.

Legislative History Research Guide
The legislative history of a law is comprised of the documents created during deliberations leading to the law’s enactment.  They are used to determine the legislature’s intended purpose and to clarify any ambiguities in the statutory language.

Federal Administrative Decisions and Resources
Guide to federal administrative agencies, including links to decisions and regulations, along with the mission statement of each agency.

New York Legal Research
This guide provides links to primary sources of law and government websites for New York, New York City, and Westchester County.

Guide for Law Review Members
This guide will assist students who serve on the three Pace law review.  It provides a basic overview of cite checking, circulation policies, and interlibrary loan request procedures.

Land Use Law Research
This guide will assist you in researching local land use laws.

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