A New Way To Search For UK Law: legislation.gov.uk

Today the UK’s Ministry of Justice launched legislation.co.uk, The Official Home of Revised Enacted UK Legislation 1267- Present. According to the web site’s FAQ sheet, Legislation.co.uk is “the official place of publication for newly enacted legislation. The aim is to publish legislation on legislation.gov.uk simultaneously or at least within 24 hours of its publication in printed form.”

Legislation.co.uk brings together data that, until today, had to be searched via two separate websites. Those websites, Office of Public Sector Information, and the Statute Law Database, will be shut down when the transfer of data to legislation.co.uk is complete. The creation of legislation.co.uk is part of a broader movement toward transparency in government in the UK.
According to a National Archives press release:
Containing a massive 6.5 million PDF documents, the new website shows both the original version of any piece of UK legislation covering all jurisdictions (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and details of any amendments, so that those accessing it can see how laws have evolved. A simple web search will quickly find key legislation like the Consumer Credit Act and the Data Protection Act, and special features include an interactive browse facility and timeline.
Mr Morley [Acting CEO of The National Archives] continued: ‘By using the latest technology and opening up the raw data underpinning legislation.gov.uk, The National Archives has given global access to the nation’s “operating system”. I’m proud to say this website is the only example of its kind in the world. It provides access to an invaluable and historical resource for anyone wanting to know what the law actually says.’

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