New Addition to Skype

In a move that escalates its rivalry with the major telecommunication companies, Skype which makes its money from people using the services on a pay as you go basis to call landlines or mobiles, has expanded its subscription packages from 40 countries to 170.
The new monthly packages now also include calls to mobile phones, as well as landlines, and offer savings of up to 60 percent compared to its pay as you go rate.
I have been using Skype for as long as I can remember. Calling computer to computer is free. Calling landlines or mobile phones is often very convenient and ends up being much cheaper than using a cell phone, regular phone, or calling cards. Video option is available. Skype application for iPhone or iPod is available. Voicemail services are available. Recording audio/video software or add-on is available. Chat option is available. Sending text messages or SMS to a mobile phone service is also available. It is intuitive, easy to use, and not costly at all. Check for more information.

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