Summer Access To Lexis, Loislaw, and Westlaw

Summer is approaching, so don’t forget to register your Lexis and Westlaw passwords for summer access.
LexisNexis Summer Access

Students may register for LexisNexis Summer Access by requesting access to LexisNexis using their Law School Educational ID from June 1 to August 1, 2010 for academic purposes. Academic purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Class preparation and assignments
  • Summer school or course work
  • Research associated with moot court, law review, or law journal
  • Research associated with pursuing a grant or scholarship
  • Service as a paid or unpaid research assistant to a professor
  • An internship, externship or clinic position for school credit or graduation requirement
  • Research skill improvement, such as improving research efficiency and sharpening your area of law research skills as you prepare for practice
  • Study for the Bar Exam
  • NEW: Research skill improvement for education purposes. You can take any Lexis Interactive Tutorials to prepare for your summer or fall employment
Please note:

‘Academic purposes’ do not include research conducted for a law firm, corporation, or other entity (other than a professor or law school) that is paying the student to conduct research, or that is passing along the cost of research to a third party. These are deemed ‘commercial purposes.’

Loislaw provides one low, all inclusive flat rate; no hidden charges for hyperlinking, downloading or printing; free training; and 24/7 technical support. Loislaw does not pose any summer access restrictions on students.

If you are not graduating this summer, click here to get the authorization code, so you can register for an account with Loislaw, if you have not already done so. The code is listed on TWEN, under Law Library on Twen – Passwords.
If you are graduating and will no longer be a student, Loislaw is also available for free through the New York State Bar Association website if you are a member.

Westlaw Summer Access
Extend your Westlaw password for the summer. Current students may use the Westlaw password for the following purposes:
  • Summer law school classes
  • Law review or journal work
  • Project for a professor
  • Moot Court
  • Unpaid, nonprofit public interest internship/externship pro bono work required for graduation
Please note:

Graduating students may extend their Westlaw password for the summer for the purpose of preparing for the July bar exam. Passwords may NOT be used for research for law firms, government agencies, corporations or other purposes unrelated to law school coursework. Students graduating this academic year are not eligible. Even if student does not qualify to extend his/her Westlaw password, the password may still be used 2 hours a month in June and July.

Free and Low Cost Resources
The Pace Law Library also has a guide to free and low cost resources: Free and Low Cost Resources for Legal Research, compiled by Cynthia Pittson.

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