BJS Redesigned Its Website

We have featured statistical reports made available via the Bureau of Justice Statistics website; though we have not pointed out that the entire website has undergone a redesigned. The cleaner look makes it much easier for users to navigate through the realm of information.

Some of the most recent releases include:
National Corrections Reporting Program:

Updates the electronic series of selected tables on most serious offense, sentence length, and time served of state prison admissions and releases and parole entries and discharges. It collects demographic information, conviction offenses, sentence length, credited jail time, type of admission, type of release, and time served from individual prisoner records in participating jurisdictions.

HIV in Prisons, 2007-2008

The report provides data on the number of female and male prisoners who were infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or had confirmed AIDS. Findings include the number of AIDS-related deaths in state and federal prisons, a profile of those inmates who died in state prison, and a comparison of AIDS rates between prison inmates and the general population. The report also covers the circumstances under which inmates were tested for HIV.

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