New Blogs From The U.S. Government

The Reference and General Government Blogs via the website added the following new blogs:
The Environment, Energy, and Agriculture Blogs via the website added the following new blogs:
  • Energy Empowers blog where readers can learn more about building a new energy economy by improving efficiency, building sustainable businesses, and using old skills in new ways to generate clean energy.
  • White House Council on Environmental Quality blog discussing the Council’s efforts to coordinate Federal environmental efforts.
The Business and Economic Blogs via the website added the following new blogs:
  • Inside Adams is a blog from the Library of Congress that points readers to the Library’s collections of books, journals, prints, photographs, digital collections, finding aids, and Webcasts related to science, technology, and business.
  • President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board Blog covers the efforts of the advisory board that meets periodically and solicits information and ideas to promote the growth of the economy, establish a stable financial and banking system, and create jobs.
  • The Small Business Watchdog blog is the official blog of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy providing the forum of discussion and inviting readers to post their thoughts, ideas, and comments regarding the small businesses across the US.
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