Kindle for PC

Via Wired Gadget Lab, Kindle for PC Ships, Hints At Future Color Kindle features Kindle for PC. For those who don’t have Kindle or Kindle for iPhone but still desire to read the more then 360,000 of Kindle e-books, you can get a free application for your Windows PC and your e-books on your computer. The free application is for Windows 7, Vista, and XP, and available at the above link.

The application does pretty much what the iPhone version does: your place is synced with other devices by Whispersync, and there is support for your bookmarks and annotations. You can browse and buy from the Kindle Store, but you can’t access blogs, newspapers or magazines.

… This may mean a color Kindle is on its way. … [Y]ou can now buy and read Kindle books without buying a Kindle.

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