The UK Supreme Court Launched a New Blog

Via SCOTUSBlog, New United Kingdom Supreme Court Launched, the UKSCblog is dedicated to the UK Supreme Court.

The UK Supreme Court is the UK’s highest court; its judgments bind lower courts and thus shape the development of English Law. Since 1399, the Law Lords, the judges of the most senior court in the country, have sat within Parliament. From October 2009, however, they have moved to an independent court in the Middlesex Guildhall. To mark this historic development, this blog has been set up to provide commentary on the UK Supreme Court and its judgments.

The Supreme Court is to be made up of 12 Justices. The first Justices will be the Law Lords who made up the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords as at July 2009. The Justices will be housed in the Supreme Court and are disqualified from sitting or voting in the House of Lords. The current Justices are Lord Phillips, Lord Hope, Lord Saville of Newdigate, Lord Rodger, Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Brown, Lord Mance, Lord Collins, Lord Kerr and Lord Clarke.

The UKSC’s blog also links to the Archive, information About the blog, information About the UK Supreme Court, and many useful links such are the House of Lords Judgments, the BAILII Court of Appeals decisions, or the Court of Appeals listing calendar.

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