CALI: New York Primary Legal Research

CALI, the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction, produces new lessons daily. One that caught my attention is intended to practice and review NY primary legal research. It takes about an hour to complete. A user is given a hypothetical in the beginning of the lesson. After that, he gets to explore secondary sources, statutes, cases, and regulations (both online and in print) to try to answer the questions posed in the hypothetical.

This lesson is intended to acquaint students with basic information regarding sources of primary law in New York state: case law, statutes and regulations. It can be used to supplement instruction in introductory Research and Writing courses or as a freestanding introduction to doing New York legal research.

There are more lessons to chose from; they organized by topic, author, or by lessons recommended to 1Ls and to 2 and 3 Ls. See for yourself.

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