Gale H1N1 Widget

GALE Cengage Learning offers an H1N1 flu widget that can be posted to one’s homepage, Facebook page or a blog. This widget provides current and credible information about H1N1 flu.

In times like these, rumors, misinformation and conjecture lay the foundation for panic. Gale and its library partners, however, provide credible information for those looking for the truth. To learn the facts about H1N1, commonly known as the swine flu, look to resources from Gale for the voice of reason.

To provide you the most up-to-date news on H1N1, Gale is giving free access to the newly created Swine Flu Portal in Global Issues in Context. Updated daily, this portal offers: an in-depth expert overview; 279 perspectives (editorials) from international publications, such as The London Times and Africa News Service; 191 podcasts; 17,000+ news articles; and a link to the World Health Organization’s pandemic alert status.

To access the widget click here. One will need to enter the Location ID (as displayed). The widget expires 10/09/2009.

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