Barron’s Law Dictionary for iPhone

Via iPhone J.D. Lawyers Using iPhone, an interesting post titled Review: Barron’s Law Dictionary for iPhone features a comparative review of three legal dictionaries applications available for iPhone; Black’s Law Dictionary, Nolo’s Plain English Legal Dictionary, and Barron’s Law Dictionary.

Black’s Law Dictionary contains over 43,000 definitions and costs $49.99. Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary contains contains over 3,000 definitions written in plain English and is free.

The Barron’s law Dictionary application fits neatly between these two offerings. Like the Nolo dictionary, the Barron’s dictionary contains over 3,000 terms. Like Black’s, the Barron’s dictionary has more sophisticated definitions, although in my random check they seem to use less legalese than Black’s. And the price of $14.99 fits between the other two dictionaries.

Check it out for yourself. The mentioned review features comparative iPhone screenshots as well. Do you have an experience with any and/or all? Share your comments!

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