Example Motion

ExampleMotion.com is a file sharing website for legal professionals, currently still in Beta version. The idea is for legal professionals to share their work. Users can upload their documents and sell them for suggested $10.00 – $50.00. ExampleMotion.com pays out quarterly. Participants are asked to delete any private information from submitted documents. Users can use the search page to locate needed documents. It allows to narrow down results by jurisdiction, type of law, stage of proceedings, general document type, and specific document type. When needed document is not available, users can use the document requests section where a particular document can be requested.

ExampleMotion.com founders saw the need for a site where practical legal documents, with relevant, up-to-date authority, in the form of motions and pleadings, could be intuitively searched by legal professionals. Any related sites merely peddle legal forms, or lofty treatises on the law, but nothing that “in the trenches” lawyers can use in the day-to-day advocacy of their clients.

What are you thoughts on this new services for legal professionals?

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