Library Orientation–Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Congratulations to Tanya Manderson, the winner of the grand prize for participating in the Library scavenger hunt during orientation–a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th edition.

Congratulations to the 50 lucky 1L winners (listed below) of a copy of Black’s Pocket Law Dictionary.

You can pick up your copy of Black’s at the Circulation Desk in the Law Library. Thanks to all for participating.

Auger, Jeffrey
Brown, Travis
Calcagno, Jaclyn
Campbell-Ferrari, Alexandra
Crough, Cassidy
Curtiss-Rowlands, Nicholas
Davidson, Justin
DeVries, J. Porter
Diaz, Noelle
Dixon, Michelle
Donegan, Patrick
Doneson, Douglas
Fout, Hannah
Frins, Erik
Geter, Lawanda
Grove, Thomas
Haimi, David
Huang, Jennifer
Joshi, Hina
Judd, Alex
Kaplan, Alison
Klemm, Gabi
Kochevar, Janice
Laboy, Luis
Lee, Paul
Leisch, Katherine
Low, Loriann
Luciano, Kristen
Mangino, Kristina
McChesney, Jacob
McIntosh, Lauren
McLeod, Anna
McManus, Kurtis
Pace, Deanna
Palmer, Sanchia
Park, Jeongyun
Patalano, James
Peric, Ivana
Pons, William
Ramage, Ian
Reda, Stephanie
Rodriguez, Clara
Roveillo, Virginie
Sardinha, Nicole
Sauer, Jonina
Serrano, Margaret
Stockel, Becky
Suh, Samuel
Voronovitskaia, Alla
Woodford, Kristen

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