iAWFUL: Internet Advocate’s Watchlist For Ugly Laws

iAWFUL is a NetChoice initiative dedicated to tracking the worst [proposed or passed] Internet laws in America.

Reckless and misguided laws, often originating at the state level, threaten to undermine the foundation of the free and open Internet. Some of the most serious threats to the Internet come in the form of lawmakers trying to ‘fix’ it.

Through this site, the Internet Advocates’ Watchlist For Ugly Laws (iAWFUL) will track dangerous legislation and mobilize citizens to defeat bills and proposals that threaten the future of e-commerce and online communication. The list will be continually updated to reflect the most immediate dangers, based on regulatory severity and likelihood of passage.

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The Current Top 10:

1. Maine Predatory Marketing Law (10 MRSA c.1055)
2. Hotel Taxes on Online Travel Companies
3. New Jersey Social Networking Bill (A 3757)
4. New iTunes Taxes Without Legislation
5. North Carolina Digital Downloads Tax Bill (HB 558/S 487)
6. North Carolina Tickets Bill (SB 99)
7. Federal Bills on Organized Retails Crime
8. Massachusetts Online Advertising Bill
9. North Carolina Advertising Nexus Proposal
10. New York Online Employment Services Taxation Issue

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. We look forward to reading your comments.

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