Most Dangerous Search Terms reports the risks of some terms when searching on the Internet. In an article titled What are the most dangerous search terms on the Internet, based on a report by McAfee, you can find out what words, used as search terms on the Internet, pose a higher risk of acquiring virus or other malware on your computer.

If you like to search for “music lyrics” or “free” things, you are engaging in risky cyber behavior. And “free music downloads” puts 20 percent of Web surfers in harm’s way of malicious software, known as “malware.”

A new research report by U.S.-based antivirus software company McAfee has identified the most dangerous Internet search words that place users on pages with a higher likelihood of cyber attacks. The study examined 2,600 popular keywords on five major search engines — Google, Yahoo, Live, AOL and Ask — and analyzed 413,000 Web pages.

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